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We proudly provide quality, comprehensive chiropractic care to the community of Manistee, Michigan and surrounding areas. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional care to ensure your overall health and well being.

Our goal is to provide you with an exceptional level of care, competent in wellness promotion, health assessment, diagnosis and the chiropractic management of your health care needs. The entire Stege Chiropractic Health Care family is committed to advancing the understanding of chiropractic through research; to providing service to the field of chiropractic, including continuing education; and to serving humanity through patient care and community education.


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Myofascial Release Services

Stege Chiropractic Health Center offers Myofascial Release (MFR) services in conjunction with Chiropractic Health Care.  You will first be treated by Dr. Stege and she will work with you and our Myofascial Release Therapist to tailor a treatment plan specific for your needs.

What is MFR and how can it help me?

To answer that question, we first need to understand fascia and how the muscle-fascia connection works. Fascia, or connective tissue, resembles a large spider web inside the body. Beginning right under the skin, fascia is found throughout the body, uninterrupted, from head to toe. It surrounds every organ, blood vessel, nerve, muscle, bone, and it is found at every level of the body, including the cellular level. The song that says, “the hip bone is connected to the ankle bone…” is true when it comes to fascia. It’s all connected! The fascial system also lies within the lymphatic system, and this is by design. Lymphatic fluid bathes the fascia, keeping it well lubricated to promote smooth movement, as well as provide a pathway for nutrients to enter and waste products/inflammation to be excreted. When we get “knots” in the spider web via injury, surgery, or repeated sprains and strains, movement becomes restricted, strength deteriorates, and we experience progressive pain and discomfort. Muscles need to work harder to compensate for these restrictions, and as a result creates little microtraumas and inflammation in the muscle tissue. Over time, this creates more restrictions because inflammation is the prime ingredient in scar tissue formation. Restrictions also reduce the flow of lymphatic fluid, so this area will be deprived of nutrients to heal and the pathway to remove the inflammation, thus creating a vicious cycle of pain and dysfunction.

Myo (muscle) fascial Release is a form of manual therapy that brings balance to soft tissues, releases restrictions, and restores lymphatic flow. It breaks the cycle of scar tissue/restriction formation by interrupting the inflammation cycle and restoring normal movement. Patients often experience dramatic improvements in pain reduction, improved sleep, and improved functional performance. MFR is not massage. The primary technique applies slow, sustained pressure into the barrier of restriction, holding that pressure until release occurs, and continuing to release barrier upon barrier until the area has resolved. No oils or lotions are used as pressure needs to focus into the fascial system. Although many techniques do feel relaxing, the main goal of MFR is to release restrictions and balance soft tissues. When paired with chiropractic, MFR can be an invaluable addition to a patient’s recovery. Releasing restrictions and balancing soft tissues allows for easier chiropractic adjustments and helps to keep structural adjustments in place.

Although we are looking into insurance coverage, MFR is currently based on a cash fee schedule:


Evaluation + Initial Treatment (1hr/15min.)- $90.00

1 Hour Treatments- $70.00

(fees subject to change – contact us for details)

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